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Group Counselor (Behavioral Health Technician)


  • Full-time Hourly



  • $11.00 - 15.00 per hour base on experience



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college with a major in counseling, social work, psychology, nursing, rehabilitation, special education, health education, or a related human services field. In addition, the practitioner must have training in the treatment of behavioral health disorders, human growth and development, evaluations, assessments, treatment planning, basic counseling and behavioral management interventions, case management, documentation, psychopharmacology, abuse regulations, patient rights and special clinical circumstances such as emergencies, suicide, and out-of-control behavior or  Certified as a Behavioral Heath Technician.       

  • 1 years of assessment, counseling and treatment of adults and children with mental and/or substance abuse problems.

  • 1 year experience working with a specific targeted population to be served (adults and/or children with mental health or substance abuse treatment needs).


Job Description:

  • The Counselor is responsible for developing and implementing all therapeutic interventions and activities for the general outpatient and school based services.

  • The Counselor provides group counseling, day treatment, community support and psycho-social rehabilitation services combine daily medication use, independent living and social skills training, support to patients and their families, housing, pre-vocational employment rehabilitation training, social support and network enhancement, structured activities to diminish tendencies toward isolation and withdrawal and teaching of patient and family about symptom management, medication and treatment options.

  • The Counselor will engage in actives that would help to restore a patient’s skills and abilities essential for independent living.  Activities include development and maintenance of necessary daily living skills, food planning and preparation; money management, maintenance of the living environment and training in appropriate use of community services.

Start Date:

  • Immediate

Benefits Available:

  • To be discussed


817 North Dixie Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

Between Atlantic Blvd & Copans Road

Contact Person: Ms. Jennifer Wilson Executive Manager (HR)

Phone Number: (954) 785-8285




Fax Number: (954) 784-2756

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