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You Support a Child You Help a Parent!



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  • Your donation support our Parenting Program, Summer Camp & Afterschool

  • We need your help because PIRC does not charge parents for parenting education & support. 

  • Most of the children in our therapeutic summer camp  and afterschool programs cannot afford to pay for field trips, art supplies and activity fees.   

  • Thank you for your support and leadership.                                                                         Community partners and corporations can provide their tax deductible donation to help us defray the cost of providing these service.

Key words:

  • Thank you for your leadership and support.

  • We need your help because

  • Make a donation today to help those 

  • Thank you for your thoughtful donation 

  • “Small” (or “few”, or “little”, or “just”)

  • Our donation process is simple and quick

  • Join over 10,000 donors from 

  • 100% of your donation will fund development 

  • Support our team of experts 

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