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Parenting Coach Consent

The Parent(s) understand(s) that the Parenting Coach’s role is to facilitate conversations which promote parent growth in three primary areas: education and assimilation of information about the impact of parental conflict on children, child development, and positive behavior management; communication skill‐building; and self‐awareness / self‐care. The Parenting Coach will listen carefully, ask key questions and give insightful feedback that promotes the awareness and skills necessary for successful implementation of positive strategies leading to fulfillment of parenting and co‐parenting goals. Additionally, the Parenting Coach may offer supplementary resources. The Parenting Coach is not authorized to give legal advice. The Parenting Coach is not serving in the role of a therapist. If the Parenting Coach determines that therapeutic interventions would be helpful for the Parent(s), the Parenting Coach will make a referral for intake with our treatment team.

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